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  • Fortuna cylindrical grinding machine

    Enables cylindrical grinding between tops up to a length of 500mm and a diameter of Ø 100mm.
    Several gripping possibilities due to chucks and collet acceptance.

  • Processing centre Hermle C40 V

    New processing centre in use, Hermle C40 V with full equipment. Control system Siemens 840 D Shopmill
    High-pressure unit for cooling agents 40Bar, spindle 18000 1/min, automatic tool measurement, tool breakage monitoring by Blum, band filter unit, 38 tool stations.

  • Sliding lathe Gildemeister Speed 25-8

    New sliding lathe in use, with full equipment.

    Maximum turning diameter of 25mm, 8 axes, full C-axis on the main and the catching spindle, 30 tool stations, 10 driven tool stations, control system Fanuc 160i, high-pressure unit for cooling agents 100Bar, bar feeder FMB-Turbo 3-26mm, bar length 3m

  • Spinner TC300-SMYC

    Lathe centre with Y-axis and C-axis on the main and the catching spindle for milling operations, bar feeder for bar work up to 52mm

  • Gildemeister GLD 25-5

    CNC- sliding lathe

  • Gildemeister GLD 16-4

    CNC- sliding lathe

  • Gildemeister GLD 12-4

    CNC- sliding lathe

  • Rotary disc grinder Overbeck Zetto 20

    Enables automatic grinding between tops, grinding diameter up to Ø30mm, length of parts up to 250mm, automatic infeed.
    Collet acceptance for grinding with collet and tailstock.

  • Centreless cylindrical grinding machine Herminghausen SR2

    Centreless cylindrical grinding, grinding diameter up to Ø30mm, length of parts up to 100mm automatic grinding

  • Finishing system

    Trovi 8

  • Thread rolling machine

    Pee Wee 12

  • Automated band saw

    Behringer HBP 263-A

  • Annealing oven Nabertherm with control system

    New annealing oven in use, Nabertherm with S7 control system providing multi-stage exposure of special material.
    Up to 7 stages of exposure.

  • Cold-burnishing system

    New manufacturing option,
    cold-burnishing system for parts of a length up to 350mm

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